Why your business needs to hire a professional cleaning company

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Business owners often strive to reduce overhead as much as possible. For this reason, you may think that it would be more beneficial to eliminate commercial cleaning services from your regular overhead. After all, your team can complete some commercial cleaning services for you, and this could potentially save you money. However, before depending on your staff, consider these reasons why you need to use the professional commercial cleaning services on a regular basis.

There are many benefits from hiring a commercial cleaning company.  Here are some good reasons to put a commercial cleaning service into your company’s budget.

A Cleaner, Healthier Workplace Environment

An experienced and reputable cleaning team, like DryTech Commercial Cleaning knows how to thoroughly clean your office from top to bottom. The goal is to make your space look and smell clean, while also cleaning and sanitizing it for health purposes.

The last thing you want is for your team or your customers to get sick.   Office carpets are notorious harbingers of harmful germs and bacteria.  Left untreated these harmful allergens can cause skin irritations, allergies and exacerbate respiratory conditions.  This can result in an increase in staff sick leave and absenteeism.  Customers may also be adversely affected by an unhealthy office or shop and not frequent your business again.

The most effective way to keep the workplace free from harmful bacteria and other allergens is to have the carpet and upholstery properly steam cleaned on a regular basis.

A reputable commercial cleaning company will have the right equipment, trained personnel and industry expertise to handle this task effectively and efficiently. By hiring cleaning professionals, you can ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned using sanitizing products that are safe for everyone.

A happier workforce

You have a skilled team of workers, and each person may have their own level of specialized training that likely does not including cleaning a commercial space.

While your team could certainly chip in to help, cleaning is not a task that is best-suited for their skillset. More than that, your workers may grow discontent if they are required to clean regularly. This can lead to employee dissatisfaction and to increased turnover. Turnover can affect your bottom line, the level of customer service your clients receive and more. Keeping your employees happy is critical to the success of your business.

Furthermore, every employee will appreciate working in an office that is clean and hygienic.  A dirty office, on the other hand, can increase stress and decrease productivity.

Commercial cleaning companies can ensure your office is clean and sparkling so your workers can focus on their core responsibilities.

An enhanced image

You also need to think about the image that your space is portraying to your customers and clients. A space that has been professionally cleaned can help to boost your image with great results. On the other hand, if your space is not professionally cleaned, the result may be a space that looks increasingly uncared for.

There is a cost associated with using the team at DryTech Commercial Cleaning for your professional cleaning services. However, the benefits are well worth paying for. DryTech Commercial Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services in Sydney CBD, Inner Sydney and Outer Sydney.

A time saving investment

Commercial cleaning companies are flexible with their schedule.  You can book a professional carpet steam cleaning service after hours or on weekends to minimise workplace disruption.

If you engage their services over an extended period of time, you may be able to negotiate a more favourable pricing and payment plan that can be tailored to your cleaning budget.

A cost saving venture

Outsourcing your company’s cleaning can save you money.  If you hire permanent cleaning staff, you have many sunken costs in wages, employee benefits, equipment, cleaning products and training.   A commercial cleaning contract on the other hand frees your business of unnecessary capital expenditure and additional overheads.

An emergency clean option

A commercial cleaning company becomes vital in cases of emergencies.  For instance, if a pipe has burst and the office is flooded, you will need the expert help of a professional cleaning company to clean and restore water damage equipment and furniture.

Commercial cleaning companies usually have a 24/7 hotline you can ring for immediate service.

Guaranteed quality assurance

Most commercial cleaning companies in Sydney have industry-approved cleaning accreditation.   They employ trained staff and use high-quality equipment and cleaning products.

Using an accredited Sydney cleaning company means you will have the quality assurance that is important for health and safety regulations.

Fire hazard management

Commercial cleaning can help clean and remove potential fire hazards in the workplace.

A commercial cleaning schedule that includes clearing and cleaning stairwells, fire escape routes, air vents and other potential fire risks can assist your company’s Fire Prevention Plan.

Organisational liability

A professionally cleaned workplace minimises the risk of workplace accidents like falls and trips.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney can provide the company with proof of cleaning schedules to minimise risk of organisational liability.

Service Guarantee

Commercial cleaning companies like DryTech Commercial Cleaning also provide service guarantees to their business clients.  Service guarantees offer peace of mind and safeguard the company from unnecessary additional expenses for a re-clean.

Maintenance support

Commercial cleaning companies can be used to support the company’s maintenance team.    If cleaning tasks are outsourced to a contractor, the maintenance team will have more time to focus on other priorities.

Public event cleaning

If your company is hosting a public function you will want to use the services of a commercial cleaning company before and after the event.

Before the event, a thorough deep clean and detailing of the office will help prepare the venue for visitors.  After the event, a commercial cleaning company can clean and restore the premises for the next working day activities.

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