Emergency and Insurance Restoration Sydney

DryTech Commercial Cleaning is an Australian owned and operated professional cleaning company based in Sydney.  We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services.

Our Emergency and Insurance Cleaning Division is a special unit that provides specialist cleaning services not usually available in a general commercial cleaner.

Water damage cleaning and restoration services

Whether it’s a burst pipe, flash flood or faulty hot water system, quick action is needed if a property has suffered water damage.  Flood damage to a property is serious.  If not treated properly, it can result in bacteria, mould or structural damage.

Our water damage mitigation service uses a combination of powerful vacuums, extractors, fans and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry, clean, and restore flooded areas in your home or office.    We provide immediate 24/7 flood damage cleaning services if your property has suffered recent flooding.  We also provide effective water damage restoration service for floors and carpets that may have been damaged by past flooding.

Flooded house in Sydney

Our flood water damage service is a detailed step-by-step drying, cleaning and sanitising of flooded areas including:

  • Removing surface flood water
  • Drying affected areas
  • Sanitising flooded areas (depending on the surfaces we may use steam cleaning or another advanced sanitising method)
  • Removing mould
  • Removing stubborn stains
  • Deodorising affected areas
  • Airing and restoring indoor air quality

We follow strict Australian approved guidelines in flood damage cleaning and restoration.  We employ qualified cleaning technicians with experience.  We support our staff by providing them with the latest equipment and safe work best practices. We also insist our staff attend regular training to keep abreast with the latest cleaning technologies in the country.

Fire and smoke damage cleaning and restoration service

Fire and smoke damage to a property is an emergency.  That’s why we provide a 24/7 fire and smoke remediation service to businesses and homeowners throughout Sydney.

Our fire damage team will come out to your property as soon as we receive your call.  Because hot air rises, smoke and soot damage can happen above the fire – on ceilings, upper walls, doors and even lights, fans and air conditioners.  Cleaning these areas require special equipment and chemicals.  At the same time, we also need to clean the areas directly affected by the fire (for example, the floors, tiles, carpets, walls, curtains and so forth).

Sometimes, after the soot has been removed, the affected areas may require repainting to restore it to its original.  Our fire damage cleaning service includes a comprehensive sanitising and deodorising programme of all affected areas.   We use advanced ozone technology to remove all traces of odour and fogging machines to freshen and restore air quality.

Offensive odour & smell removal services

We provide effective odour removal and cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive odour removal services include:

  • Bodily spills (vomit, blood, urine or faeces) odour removal
  • Pet spills odour removal
  • Pet smells odour removal
  • Cigarette smell removal
  • Mould removal
  • Smoke and fires odour removal
  • Decomposition odour removal
  • Rotten garbage odour removal
  • Motel room odour removal
  • Hotel room odour removal
  • Odour removal in toilets
  • Washroom odour removal
  • Caravan odour removal
  • Aged care odour removal
  • Convention halls odour removal
  • Gym odour removal

Our rapid and effective odour removal service utilises advanced ozone-technology to break down and eliminate odour molecules in contaminated areas.  We also use thermal fogging machines to deodorise the air, contents and structural elements.   Our expert odour removal service can treat both recent odours, as well as old, stubborn smells that may have permeated floors and walls.

Squatter house cleaning service

A vacant property that has not been occupied over some time can easily fall into disrepair.  The condition can be made even worse when squatters move in.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning offers a deep and thorough cleaning service of properties that have been affected by vandalism or illegal squatting.  Our service includes rubbish and debris removal, deep cleaning of all surfaces, carpet and floor steam cleaning, stain removal, odour removal, water damage remediation and others.  We aim to restore the property to a habitable condition as quickly as possible.

Vandalism and graffiti cleaning service

Vandalism and graffiti is stressful.  An inconsiderate vandal may think it is fun to break the windows in a property or to spray graffiti on the exterior walls and fences, but these acts are traumatic to the property owners.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning acts quickly to clean acts of vandalism or graffiti in your property.  Our comprehensive deep cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and stain removal services will restore your property to its original condition in next to no time.

Clandestine methyl lab and hydroponic remediation (cleaning)

We specialise in clandestine lab and hydroponic remediation (cleaning) throughout NSW.   Our team follows the remediation guidelines proposed by the assessors including:

  • Areas of the property that require remediation (based on site information)
  • Materials/items to be removed and disposed of (following NSW disposal guidelines)
  • Methods of cleaning and remediation (double washing, steam cleaning and vacuuming with a high-efficiency particulate filter, encapsulation with paint or another sealant).
  • PPE required
  • Validation of cleaning (QA/QC)
  • NSW and EPA legislation (e.g. contamination on land, surface water or groundwater)
  • Cleaning technicians details
  • Schedule of works

Our rapid response drug/methyl cleaning services are discreet, fully-documented and guaranteed. We hire only qualified and experienced cleaning technicians for our specialist cleaning team.  Every one of our team members has undergone our stringent employment check.  They also have a current police check.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning provides superior emergency and insurance cleaning services across Sydney.  We have more than two-decade experience across a wide spectrum of specialist cleaning including water damage restoration, serious odour removal, stain removal, vandalism and graffiti and clandestine drug and methyl lab cleaning.   Our clients comprise of individual property owners, business owners as well as property management companies.

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