Post-party Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

For the most reliable and trusted commercial cleaning services throughout Sydney CBD, Inner and Outer Sydney, use DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney.

We are the professional Sydney commercial cleaning company that puts every customer first.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services for all types of businesses.







Whether you are a shop, an office, a factory or a special facility, you will need the support of a professional commercial cleaning services company to provide a clean and healthy environment for your staff, visitors and customers.

When using a Sydney commercial cleaning company, you’ll want to work with one that has experience cleaning all types of commercial businesses. You also want a company that is versatile and can do more than just one thing. At Drytech we clean all manner of commercial property – from offices, to warehouses to shopping malls, schools, and aged care homes,

DryTech is one of the most experienced Australian commercial cleaning company in Sydney. We have been in the professional cleaning business for over 15 years and we will offer you the most reliable and trusted service in Sydney.

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets in offices should be cleaned and sanitized once every six months by a professional carpet steam cleaning company. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to kill bacteria, mold and to restore carpet to their original freshness. Newly steam cleaned carpets not only look good, they also smell fresh.

We use the latest, industrial grade vacuums, extractors and dehumidifiers to steam clean the carpets in your business.

Our equipment delivers 2000W and 500PSI hot steam that will effectively kill any harmful allergens (dust mite, bacteria) and mold in carpets and upholstery.

Our steam cleaning services also include stain removing and deodorizing. We always run a colour fast test prior to cleaning and a post-cleaning inspection to make sure that we have completed the job effectively.

Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning Sydney

Areas with heavy foot traffic (like lifts, foyers, stairs, hallways, walkways and so forth) will require regular carpet cleaning.

DryTech uses modern equipment that can deliver a professional carpet cleaning with minimal noise. We are careful to cordon off areas and to leave signs to warn visitors and staff of our carpet cleaning. That way, you can be assured that cleaning can be carried out during office hours but with little disruption to the business.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Couches and chairs can get dirty and stained over time. To maintain a clean and fresh environment it is important that the upholstery in your office, shop or restaurant stay in top condition all the time. Ideally, you would want to get them cleaned every six months but if you are running a business that sees a lot of visitors, guests or patrons, you may want to get a professional upholstery cleaner every month.

Drytech’s technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of upholstery fabric whether it’s leather, wool, synthetic or combination fibers.

We also clean fleet and rental cars for Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney

If your office, shop or café has tile floors, getting the dirt and grime out of them can be tricky. Store bought cleaning solutions may not be able to completely remove stubborn stains.

DryTech has a specialized tile and grout cleaning services for all Sydney offices, shops, factories, restaurants and cafes.

Professional Stain Removal and Protection Services for Commercial Businesses Sydney

Accidental spills or stubborn stains will need the expertise of a professional commercial cleaner like DryTech.

One of the reasons why Sydney businesses prefer our stain removal services is because we have a 24-hour emergency hotline to handle all your urgent requests.

We also have Australian-trained cleaning technicians who understand about the science of treating different types of stains and spills.

We have experience in cleaning and removing all types of stains and spills including food, bodily (urine, blood, saliva), general spills, pet spills and more.

We will take special care of the affected areas and will always run a colour fast test before we begin work. We also conduct a thorough post cleaning examination of the area to make sure that the stain is completely removed.

End of lease Cleaning for Commercial and Industrial Businesses Sydney

When your lease has expired, cleaning and clearing out from the premise is a big task. DryTech’s special End of Lease division can make things easier for you by taking care of all the complicated tasks involved in cleaning the premises.

Water Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Whether it’s a burst pipe, a flood or an accidental spill, when floors, carpets and furniture are affected, you will want to call out the expert commercial cleaners immediately

We have a comprehensive water damage cleaning and restoration service that will clean and restore your premises back to normal in next to no time.

For more information on our comprehensive water damage and restoration services please visit our dedicated website here.

Alternatively, you can ring us on our emergency hotline 02 9161 1621 for immediate action.

General Commercial Cleaning

Our list of services is extensive. Other cleaning tasks we have provided to Sydney businesses include:

  • Graffiti Removal Services
  • Strip and Seal Services
  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Services
  • Exterior Wall Washing and Cleaning
  • Floor Polishing
  • Window Cleaning
  • General Cleaning
  • Strata and Facilities Management Services

Additionally, we also have a subsidiary company that provides security guard services to Sydney businesses.

For more information on any of our comprehensive list of commercial cleaning services or our security guard services please contact DryTech on 02 9161 1621 today.

For more information on DRYTECH’S commercial cleaning SERVICES SYDNEY, contact us today.

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