Spring clean your retail shop

Spring clean your retail shop with Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Here’s the thing: shoppers are fussy.  They will notice the ‘ugly’ and think less of you.

They notice the thin row of dust around your walls, the bits of cellophane tape left on counters, the dirty bathroom, the missing lightbulb, the stain on the sofa… the list is endless.

Doesn’t matter if you are a hair salon, a hardware store, an apparel store or a jewellery store, you must take a look at the cleanliness of your business.  If you don’t you could be driving customers away.

Here’s a spring cleaning list for your retail business that can help:

Your physical shop space

Any part of the shop that is visible to the critical eye of the customer must maintained to the highest standards.  It only takes one tiny oversight to become a problem these days.  Customers have mobile phones and use social media voraciously.  Imagine the reputational damage if someone captures an unflattering photograph and Insty it?

Front of shop spring cleaning list

The front of the shop is the first impression and we all know how important first impressions are.

Here are some examples of first impression killers

Dead leaves and rubbish outside the shop is a major turnoff.  You may not even get the customer through the front door.

Grubby fingerprints and smudge marks on glass windows and doors are repulsive.  No customers don’t want to touch it and that can stop them from coming into the shop.

Dead flies on the window display?  Is that part of the display?  Or is it just a big ‘Stay Away’ sign?

A suspicious stain on a chair the customer is supposed to sit on.  No way, he or she is going to sit on it.

Overflowing waste bin.  They can’t take their eyes off it.  They might start to identify every item of rubbish in the bin.

An untidy reception or cashier area.  If the place is cluttered it is not a good look.  The customer may think your business is disorganised and they are less likely to trust your product.

Dirty toilets?  Need we say more?

If you see your customer picking their way gingerly around the store, you will know something’s not right with your look.  Maybe it’s the dirty stick carpet.  Or the dusty shelves.  Or maybe it’s just those streaky eyesores on the walls.

A professional commercial cleaning company Sydney can help keep your retail store clean and sparkling and censure free.

Here is a sample commercial cleaning retail spring cleaning list:

Outside the shop spring cleaning list

  1. Sweep and wash footpaths outside the shop.
  2. Wipe and polish glass doors and windows.
  3. Pay special attention to door handles and front windows.
  4. Clean display area thoroughly including the display items.
  5. Clean signage. Who wants to look at cobwebs?

Inside the shop spring cleaning list

  1. Vacuum carpets and rugs daily.
  2. Steam clean carpets to keep them looking fresh and smelling good.
  3. Wipe all furniture, mirrors and wall hangings.
  4. Remove stains from furniture using a professional carpet cleaner.
  5. Wipe the reception/cashier desk. Make sure it is neat and tidy.
  6. Tidy merchandise. Wipe shelves and coat hangers.
  7. Empty waste bins regularly.
  8. Use a good dehumidifier to remove odours.
  9. Dust and wipe light fittings.
  10. Get your ceilings dusted.
  11. Wipe and sanitise light switches, power switches and door knobs.
  12. Dust and wipe wall skirtings and corners
  13. Wipe and disinfect all equipment and appliances

The guest toilet spring cleaning list

  1. Clean and sanitise everything. Walls, floors, toilet bowls, sinks, taps, dispensers, toilet paper holders.    Leave nothing to chance.
  2. Empty rubbish can regularly.
  3. Wipe and sanitise light switches, power switches and door knobs.
  4. Dust and wipe wall skirtings and corners.

The complimentary coffee and tea corner spring cleaning list

  1. Empty, clean and refill the coffee machine regularly.
  2. Clean and descale the jug.
  3. Clean all peripheral materials – teacups, coffee cups, tea canister, sugar canister.
  4. Wipe and sanitise the table, shelves, and shelves.
  5. Empty the rubbish can. Sanitise after.

The changing room spring cleaning list

  1. Vacuum and mop floors.
  2. Wipe and polish mirrors.
  3. Wipe and sanitise walls.
  4. Wipe and sanitise furniture.
  5. Wipe all light switches, power switches and door knobs.

The shop’s carpark

  1. Sweep or vacuum driveway and carpark areas
  2. Wash and buff carpark floors

The proprietor’s office

  1. Vacuum floors
  2. Steam clean carpets
  3. Wipe all surfaces – desk, filing cupboard, workstation, chair, walls
  4. Wipe light switches, power switches and door knobs
  5. Wipe furniture and equipment (office desk, chairs shelves, computer, printer, and so forth).

Why use a commercial cleaner for your retail spring clean

The best way to clean you retail business is to hire a commercial cleaning company.

Maintain high standard of cleanliness and hygiene

Commercial-grade cleaning will ensure that your shop is cleaned and sanitised to the highest cleaning standards.

A clean and safe shop is necessary for the overall shopping experience of your customers.  You don’t want the customer getting sick in your shop.  A dirty and untidy shop creates a negative impression and turn customers away and damage your reputation.

A clean shop also creates a conducive environment for your staff.  A dirty shop is more likely to transmit germs and bacteria to make the staff sick.  Sick staff means more expenses for the business.

Keeps the shop accident free

A clean and tidy shop minimises the risk of accidents for both customers and staff.

Remove clutter whenever you can so people are not tripping on things.  Workplace accidents are costly mistakes.  If a customer trips and injures themselves in your shop, the consequences can be detrimental to the business.

Saves you time

Getting a commercial cleaning company to clean your retail business will save you time.  Cleaning a shop is about attention to detail. If you are trying to do it on your own, you will have to invest a substantial amount of your free time to clean the shop properly.

Need a reliable commercial cleaner to detail your retail business?  Call DryTech Commercial Cleaning today.

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