How to clean your retail shop for re-opening

How to clean your retail shop for re-opening Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

NSW Premier has announced that our economy is re-opening in stages.  If you are like many retailers who were forced to close your doors because of the coronavirus pandemic, you will be looking for a commercial cleaning company to get your business premises cleaned and ready for customers again.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning is ready to help you kick start your business again. We offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning services for retail shops in Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs and Outer Suburbs.

Getting your retail shop cleaned and ready for business is vital for success.  Customers are concerned about entering shops because of risk of infection.  You want to ensure your staff will be safe as well.

The last thing you want is an cluster outbreak and the government shuts your business down for deep cleaning and quarantine.

The Drytech team is ready to help you get the shop cleaned and ready for re-opening.  Call us today to book a clean.

Here is a list of the cleaning services we provide for your retail shop:

Carpet and floor cleaning for retail shops in Sydney

Your business has been shut for nearly two months.  Dust and cobwebs can gather even with the doors and windows closed.   Now is the time to call DryTech Cleaning to come to clean and refresh the carpets when your customers return they will be greeted with fresh carpets!

Carpet steam cleaning for retail shops in Sydney

Everyone is asking how safe is it to go shopping again?  Give your customers extra peace of mind by getting your carpets steam cleaned and sterilised.  DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney use high-powered steam-injection machines to do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the floors and carpets in your shop.

Our steam cleaning services kill all germs and bacteria in your carpet.  Your staff and customers will appreciate the efforts you go through to keep them safe and healthy.

Front of shop cleaning

The autumn leaves have gathered. Cobwebs have collected.  The front glass door needs a good clean and polish.  Leave the job to DryTech’s professional cleaning team in Sydney.  We will get the job done for you ASAP so you can open immediately.

Shop toilets

The shop toilets need a good scrub and disinfecting.  You want to ensure your staff are safe when they return to work.

Shop display windows

Shop display windows draw customers into your shop.  After two months of gathering dust, it’s time to call the team at DryTech to come and give it a good clean.

Reception cleaning

The reception area has gathered dust and cobwebs for two months.  Our team can come to your shop quickly and clean and sanitise the reception area for you.  Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you are taking to keep them safe.

Tile and grout cleaning

If you haven’t attended to this, when you book us for a carpet steam cleaning, ask us to include grout and tile cleaning into the job as well.   You want the shop sparkling when customers come through the door.

Rubbish removal

In the haste to close for lockdown, you may have left piles of empty carton, boxes and crates around.  Get a Tango Skip Bins in Sydney to remove these for you.  You can also ask DryTech Cleaning for this additional service.

Staff kitchen

There are so many things in the staff kitchen that will need cleaning now that your shop is re-opening for business.   These include:

  • Kitchen benches
  • Tables and chairs
  • Appliances like dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and electric kettle
  • Sinks
  • Walls
  • Doors

You are going to be busy getting your shop ready for customers.  Leave the cleaning of the pantry to DryTech.

Surface cleaning and disinfecting

We can come to clean and disinfect all the shop’s surfaces.  A deep clean will give customers peace of mind about entering your business.

Doors, door handles and light switches

Our cleaning services will include wiping down all doors, door handles and light switches with disinfectant wipes.

Just what your shop will need to be safe.

One-off catch-up cleaning of your retail shop

DryTech’s cleaning service in Sydney is flexible.  We don’t have a lock-in contract.

Perfect for an urgent, immediate cleaning of your shop before customers start visiting again!

We can come at a time that suits you.  There is no additional charge for after-hours cleaning.  We have the best pricing in town.

Economy re-opening cleaning

Everyone is tired of quarantine.  They are going to want to go shopping so you may not have the time to keep up with the cleaning.  DryTech will come to your shop to help you maintain the cleanliness and keep it germ and bacteria-free.

Your customers will feel more secure knowing your shop is being cleaned by professional cleaners while the world waits for a vaccine to be developed.

Call us today and we will come over to give your shop a quick clean so you are ready to re-open.

How to keep customers and staff safe

A coronavirus outbreak can still happened.   Until we have a vaccine, it is important that every business take precautions to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff.

  1. Contact tracing

Taking down the contact details of customers who visit your shop is important in the event of an outbreak and the health department needs to execute tracing.

  1. Social distancing

It’s important that businesses take social distancing rules seriously. Social distancing has proven to be effective in flattening the curve.  It is the reason why businesses can re-open now.

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene

Keeping your shop clean and sanitised can help protect staff and customers from risks of infection.  Be sure to provide hand sanitisers around the shop for staff and customers to use.

If your shop needs cleaning services, call DryTech Commercial Cleaning today.  We get the job done so you can get on with trading.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning is one of Sydney’s best commercial cleaning companies.  For more information about our wide range of services or a free quote call: 02 9161 1621 or email: [email protected]