How to clean your gym or fitness centre

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If you own a gym, yoga studio or a fitness centre, you will want to read these amazing cleaning tips.

Owning a gym demands commitment.   You must be energetic and passionate about health and fitness. You must also be dedicated to ensuring your members’ health, safety and wellbeing.

This means – a clean and hygienic environment where members can work out without being exposed to health problems and accidents.  People who go to a gym or fitness centre are concerned about their health.  Nothing is more unappealing than a gym that looks like it’s a hotbed for infection.  Or a dirty, cluttered space with accidents waiting to happen.

To ensure your gym is always hygienic and completely disinfected, you’ll need to make sure that you stick to a routine cleaning schedule and use the right tools.  That can mean hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney to handle the cleaning and disinfecting tasks for the facility.

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Gym floors and mats cleaning

Cleaning the floor is as important as cleaning the equipment.   Members walk around the gym, dripping sweat all the time.  They use exercise mats for stretching and exercise.  They put their drink bottles, gym bags and sweatshirts on floors while they exercise.  Spills are not uncommon in the gym.

If not cleaned properly, these surfaces can become a den of germs. Spills must be removed as quickly as possible.  Regular vacuuming is also recommended. As for exercise mats, you’ll need to scrub and hose them down daily. If you can, have enough mats in stock for two to three classes and rotate them between classes.  It is important that exercise mats are disinfected daily.  Use an alcohol spray in between training sessions.

A commercial cleaning company can give the floors a thorough clean daily or weekly.  Ensure that floors are polished and buffed correctly.  They must stick on shoes but they cannot be so shiny that they become slippery.

Gym equipment cleaning

Every gym operator knows the importance of their equipment.  They are costly investments that you want to maintain in tip top condition so members do not feel dissatisfied with the level of service your gym is providing.

Customers of gym their gym etiquette: wipe, wipe, wipe. In other words, cleaning gym equipment after use is a must. It is hygienic to wipe away your sweat before letting others use the equipment.

Wiping away sweat isn’t going to do away with the possible germs and bacteria on the surface. As a gym owner, you should be aware that viruses that cause the flu and cold can stay on surfaces of your equipment for up to 24 hours. Others, such as the norovirus which causes stomach bugs, can stay there for more than a month. These all mean that your gym cleaning standards should be very high to ensure your clients as well as you and your staff remain healthy and safe.

For a start, you’ll need disinfecting wipes and sprays for members so they can use it to wipe down equipment after use.   Make sure that any cleaning wipes and disinfectants you use aren’t corrosive to metal.

To really disinfect your equipment, you’ll need to have the machines cleaned regularly.  The best way to ensure this standard is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to regularly maintain the hygiene of your equipment.

Restrooms/Locker rooms cleaning

Public rooms are harbingers of germs and bacteria.  Imagine dozens of sweaty people passing through these rooms every day, touching and retouching surfaces, lockers, door handles, and taps.

There are also quite number of surfaces inside those rooms that can become a breeding ground for staphylococcus, fungi, streptococcus, and other germs. The steam coming from the showers can cause moisture to accumulate in the air and cause mould to grow.

Commercial cleaners can help you maintain the public rooms in your gym in tip top condition.  These rooms need deep cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis to keep them safe for your members.

Gym reception and front door

Again, lots of hands touching and retouching these surfaces.  People come to a gym after work, during their lunchbreaks or on weekends.  If you have mirror doors, you will want to keep fingerprints under control.  There is nothing more unsightly for your members than having to touch a greasy door handle or a grubby glass door.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney can help you keep the front and exterior of your gym clean and germ-free.  Have them clean the exterior of your gym like pathways, floors, windows and doors.  If you provide car park access, you may also want to have the commercial cleaner vacuum, wash and buff the floor regularly.

Gym odour control

A big problem for gym operators is managing the odour in your gym.  As a place with so many sweaty bodies, odour is more likely to occur in the gym than an office.  Body odour and sweat is a lethal combination for ‘YUKKY’.  No one wants to pay a membership and work out in a gym that stinks so this is a compulsory task for all gym operators.

Make sure your gym has proper ventilation, fans and dehumidifiers to purify the air.  The more fresh air flow you create, the less likely your gym and the equipment will smell.

Get your gym odour management under control with the help of a professional commercial cleaning company.   Regular cleaning and disinfecting is a start but you must also include steam cleaning and deep cleaning.  Commercial cleaners have industrial-grade equipment, fans and dehumidifiers that can help you bring the odours under control.

Gyms are synonymous with good health and wellbeing.  If you want your gym business to succeed make sure you are cleaning it right.

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