How commercial cleaning can satisfy your customers

Customer Satisfaction with Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

How commercial cleaning can satisfy your customers

Business owners are always trying to finds ways to improve their company’s reputation, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and sales.  Every business knows that for it to succeed it will need to keep both internal and external customers satisfied.

Our internal customers are the staff we hire.  Unhappy or dissatisfied staff result in high absenteeism, increase staff turnover and low productivity.  The same applies for our external customers. Unhappy or dissatisfied customers result in poor reputation, customers’ migration (to competitors) and low sales.

Keeping your business professionally clean, healthy and safe is one of the most effective ways to ensuring your internal and external customers are happy and satisfied.

The Internal Customer

Commercial cleaning in Sydney can help your business keep your internal customers happy and satisfied.  Here are some compelling reasons how:

1. A clean, healthy workplace

It is not uncommon for full-time employees to consider their workplace as their second home. Their home away from home. Because your employees are spending so much of their waking hours at work, working hard to make a profit and benefit the company, don’t you think you owe it to them to provide a clean and healthy work environment?

A clean workspace is a healthy space for your staff to work. Because of the high-volume of traffic that an office sees on any given day, it is no surprise that they can quickly become breeding ground for germs and bacteria to grow and spread among your employees.

If you have carpets in the office or shop, a professional carpet steam cleaning is compulsory to properly eradicate harmful bacteria and other allergens that can make your employee sick.  Washrooms and pantries are hotspots for cross contamination and should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.  Workstations, equipment and appliances also require regular cleaning and disinfecting to keep the place clean for your internal customers.

A clean and healthy workplace means your staff is not going to get sick coming to work.  The less sick leave they take, the more hours they can put into helping you grow the business.  You can easily achieve this by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney to clean and maintain your business.

2. A safe workplace

Aside from the health concerns that a dirty workspace creates, a dirty workspace can also create potential dangers for accidents and personal injury to employees. While you might be tempted to think that you have everything under control by occasionally cleaning the restrooms and sporadically running the vacuum across the floors, the truth is that no one does a better job than a commercial cleaning company. Janitors are trained in the most efficient ways to clean an office, removing any potential health and safety concerns.

Repeated accidents in the workplace not only disrupts the lives of the people affected.  It is also distressing to their colleagues.  Not to mention the financial costs to your company.  A commercial cleaning company in Sydney can help your business minimise the risk of workplace accidents by keeping the workplace clean and clutter free.

3. A more productive workplace

It should come as no surprise that a clean work environment will increase employee productivity. Numerous studies have proved that a cluttered, dirty, disorganized environment hinders one’s ability to concentrate and focus.  A person who is forced to work in an unsanitary environment is not motivated to show up to work.  They become unhappy and dissatisfied and may eventually leave their employment when it becomes unbearable for them.

A commercial cleaning company in Sydney keeps your business clean, safe and healthy. It gives your internal customer a conducive work environment which in turn may promote employee contribution and productivity.

The External Customer

Every business knows they need to keep their customers happy and satisfied. If you want repeat business, good customer reviews and word of mouth recommendation, you are going to want to do everything within your control to ensure that your customers are 100% happy and satisfied.

If your business relies on customers coming to your premises, then a clean and sparkling premise is compulsory for business success.  Instead of trying to waste time doing it yourself, consider hiring a Sydney commercial cleaning company to do the job for you.  You want to be sure that the cleaning and sanitising is done perfectly because customers are fussy and can be unforgiving.

A professional appearance

Often, professionalism is associated with cleanliness. If your office, shop, or factory is cluttered and dirty, your external customers will perceive your brand image in the same way.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your customers view you as unprofessional and messy.   When a customer walks into your business, the first thing they will notice is if the premises are clean and tidy.  First impressions are very important for businesses.  If your restaurant has dirty floors or grubby walls the customers are going to be put off.  If the toilet walls in your motel are mouldy, the guest will not be coming back.

This applies for any type of business.  Even if you deal with an online platform, you will still have external customers to deal with for example, stockists, distributors and deliverers.  You must be careful that you do not give your external customers a negative impression of how your business is run.  Untidy office.  Untidy mind.  Some distributors may not want to work with your business because they have no confidence in your ability.  Also, word gets around.  Your delivery guy may joke about the state of your business to a client.

Hiring a Sydney professional cleaning service to come in and assist with your cleaning needs can help with your professional image. Make sure that everyone who walks through your front door knows that you are a professional place of business from the clean atmosphere that they are walking in to.

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