Are customers staying away from your retail business? It could be the cleaning

Open sign on retail business due to Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Every retail business knows how important it is to generate enough walk-ins.  With online shopping taking a big chunk of the business these days, shop owners are working harder than ever trying to get customers to walk in.

Here are some ways to generate customers to your shop


Today’s customers shop online.  Do you have a good website?  Is your website SEO optimised so your business shows up on the top pages in Google Search?

Do you have an online shopping cart for customers who want to buy online? Retailers today are going online with their products and services so you do not want to lose out by staying with just a brick and mortar business model.

Social media

Are you engaging with social media?  If your customers are millennials they will be active on social media.  Are you using influencers?  Do you promote across all social media platforms?  Are your campaigns effective?

Shop window display

Do you have an attractive shop window display that can entice people to go in?

Customer service

Superior customer service makes a difference in retaining customers.  A customer who has a bad experience in your shop will not return.  They may post online about their experience which can adversely affect your brand reputation.


Are you offering incentives to shop?  Discounts and year-end sales are good examples of how you can attract more customers to your retail shop.

Shop cleanliness

Business owners tend to overlook the importance of the cleanliness of their brick and mortar business.  First impressions are very important and a dirty, smelly or untidy business will put most customers off.

Word of mouth marketing

Are you keeping customers happy so they will want to recommend their friends and families to your shop?  Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing so start converting customers to advocates for your business.


Here are a sample of how a dirty shop can annoy your customers:

  • Dirty carpets
  • Smudges on walls
  • Cobwebs on wall hangings or curtains
  • Greasy tables and chairs
  • Dirty fans or split units
  • Dirty smelly toilets
  • Smudges on shop front window
  • Untidy reception
  • Sticky door handles and door knobs
  • Shop front (windows, doors, signage) covered in dead leaves, dirt and grime
  • Car park with oil slicks, rubbish piles
  • Dirty window display area
  • Shelves with dust and cobweb


How commercial cleaners can help your business attract more customers.

Floors, carpets and rugs

A professional commercial cleaning company is the only effective way to get the carpets in your shop thoroughly cleaned.  Dirty carpets are an eyesore and will put your customers off.

Steam cleaning done by a professional carpet cleaner uses industry-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime trapped in carpets, rugs and between the grouting of tiles.   Steam cleaning is also an effective way to kill harmful bacteria and germs.

The welcome rug at the front of the shop is a brilliant idea but you must also have it regularly steam cleaned as it is a dirt trap.   If you have rugs in your shop, make sure these are regularly steam cleaned as well.


Professional commercial cleaners can provide full janitorial services including cleaning stains and fingerprints off walls.  If every other part of your shop is clean but the walls are dirty it’s not going to make a difference in appealing to your customers.

Public bathrooms

If you provide bathrooms to your customers, make sure it is properly cleaned and sanitised by your commercial cleaning company.

A commercial cleaning schedule will look after not just toilets and sinks but also walls, door handles, light switches, exhaust fans and other high touchpoints areas in the toilets.

Shop front

A commercial cleaning company in Sydney can easily look after the areas in front of your shop.  This includes sweeping, mopping and wiping doors, windows and signage.

Window display space

A sadly neglected space to clean.  Once you put up a window display, it usually stays up for several weeks or months.  The display area has to be vacuumed, wiped and cleaned regularly to keep the appeal factor up.


An untidy, cluttered reception or cashier area is not attractive to customers.  A commercial cleaning company can make sure this area is spotless to improve customer experience in your shop.

Why use a commercial cleaner for your retail business

Here are some good reasons why you should include a commercial cleaning company into your annual expenditure.

Commercial cleaning companies are affordable

You will be surprised how affordable it is to get a commercial cleaning company to properly maintain the cleanliness of your shop.

To find out how much it would cost your business, contact DryTech Commercial Cleaning for a free quote.

Commercial cleaning companies save your business time

As a small business owner you don’t have time to waste cleaning your shop.  Using a cleaning company to do this for you will save you time to focus on growing the business.

Commercial cleaning companies use the right equipment and products

Commercial cleaning companies have industry-grade carpet steam cleaning equipment, fans, dehumidifiers, brushes, window cleaning equipment and so forth.  If you are trying to do the cleaning in the shop you will have to invest in buying equipment and cleaning products that can do the job properly.

Commercial cleaning companies have insurance

Commercial cleaning companies have insurance to indemnify you from workplace accidents.  The last thing you want is to hire a part-timer from the gig economy without the necessary insurance.  If a workplace accident occur during the cleaning, you may be liable.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning provides comprehensive cleaning services for retail businesses in Sydney.  We are the preferred commercial cleaner to partner with because of our reputation, professional attitude and Australian-accredited cleaning standards.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning is one of Sydney’s best commercial cleaning companies.  For more information about our wide range of services or a free quote call: 02 9161 1621 or email: [email protected]