All the hidden places in the workplace that you don’t remember cleaning

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All the hidden places in the workplace that you don’t remember cleaning

Vacuuming the carpet, wiping the windows and tidying the shop are tasks that most business owners know can improve the appeal of their business and keep the workplace safe for employees and customers.

But there are many hidden places within the office, shop or factory that tend to be overlooked during cleaning.

Here is a list of some of them.  Have a quick read and see how many of the items on the list have been missed out.

Office plants

When you look closely you may be surprised by how much dust is sitting on the leaves of your plants. This is bad news not only for those working in close proximity to the dusty plants, it can also be harmful for the plant itself. Not cleaning your plants leaves can actually stress the plant and reduce its ability to photosynthesise. Gently dusting the leaves with a microfiber cloth and warm water will do the trick, you may want to even whisper a few words of kindness to your plant at the same time to encourage its growth and happiness.

Behind the fridge

If you’ve ever cleaned behind a fridge before you’ll know that it’s an area that can harbour many unusual items. It’s also a spot where food likes to fall and rotting food leads to pests. For this reason alone, it’s important to clean behind the fridge at least once a year.

Inside the fridge

Believe it or not, but the inside of the fridge is one of the most overlooked items to clean in an office or shop.  Yet, it is one of the most over-used item at work.

Spring cleaning the fridge should be carried out at least once a month.  Throw out rotted or expired food that has been abandoned. Wipe down the shelves. It will prevent food contamination and reduce risks of food poisoning.

Computer keyboards

Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom? It may be a good idea to wash your hands after using your keyboard too, as it’s been said that some keyboards harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat. This can easily be done by using a disinfectant wipe and gently giving each individual key a once over. It’s also recommended that you include the disinfecting of your phone and mouse in your office cleaners specifications list so that it is done regularly.

The dishwasher

The dishwasher is used many times in the office but we can easily overlook that the inside of the dishwasher needs to be cleaned.  There are special solutions you can buy at the supermarket to clean tough soap scums that have accumulated inside the dishwasher.   You should also try running an empty cycle every week or with some baking soda to remove odours.

Light switches and power points

Light switches and power points are often missed when cleaning.

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Regularly wiping light switches and power points can effectively remove harmful bacteria and germs from the workplace.


The insides of the microwave gets dirty easily from food spills.  Wiping the insides prevents food contamination and maintains the machine functionality longer.


Stairwells are sometimes used for smoking and storing.  Stairwells have to be cleaned regularly to prevent fire hazards and workplace accidents.

Door knobs and handles

Door knobs and handles are often overlooked during cleaning.  Door handles are used dozens of time in a day and can become a harbinger for harmful germs and bacteria.  Regularly wiping them with antibacterial solution can effectively eradicate germs and bacteria that can make customers and employees sick.

Fans and exhaust fans

Fans and exhaust fans have to be cleaned regularly to prevent fire hazards.

Bannisters and railings

If your workplace has railings and bannisters, these will need regularly wiping down to prevent germs and bacteria.

Why use a commercial cleaning company

A commercial cleaner will make the cleaning tasks in your office, shop or factory easier.   Here are some compelling reasons to outsource your office cleaning:

1. Commercial cleaning saves your business money

Commercial cleaning contract can save your business money.  You don’t have to invest money in hiring staff or buying equipment to keep the place clean and safe.   Commercial cleaning companies like DryTech helps keep the office clean and free of germs and bacteria.  A healthy work place is important to keep staff safe especially during cold winter months when colds and flus are common.   Staff that are healthy will not need to take sick leave which means less money on health insurance, sick leave pay and part-time replacement staff hire fees.

2. Commercial cleaning helps enhance your business image

A clean and hygienic office or shop is a good first impression for customers.  If you are a retail shop or a business that deals with a high traffic of customers, it is important that your business presents an appealing look to encourage customers to return.

3. Commercial cleaning saves you time

Outsourcing your commercial cleaning requirements to a professional cleaning company like DryTech Commercial Cleaning Sydney means you save time in not having to do the cleaning yourself.

4. Commercial cleaning can prevent workplace accidents

Commercial cleaning will ensure that office waste (like empty cardboard cartons, old files and paper) are removed from key places like stairwells, fire escape doors and so forth.  Keeping the workplace decluttered is important because it can prevent workplace accidents like falls and trips

5. Commercial cleaning can improve staff motivation and productivity

Hiring a professional cleaning company to keep the workplace clean and safe shows your employers you care about their health and wellbeing.  A caring employer will keep staff motivated in their jobs.  Staff productivity is directly related to wellbeing so investing in a cleaning company can indirectly promote productivity in the workplace.

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