6 things to clean in your café or restaurant

A cafe or restaurant has at least 6 things needing Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

All restaurant and café owners know the importance of a clean and safe operations.

Food-handling business are hotspots for all types of food contamination, spread of illness, and pest infestation.  Any one of these can result in sick customers and staff, reputation damage, heavy fines and a drop in income.

Some of the areas that require regular cleaning and sanitising include entrances and foyers, customer areas, serveries, restrooms, staircases, kitchens, storerooms, and rubbish rooms.  These involve cleaning floors, tables, chairs, counters, shelves, walls, mirrors, sinks, toilets, door handles.

In the section below we have highlight 5 things a restaurant and café must clean to in business.  The best way to handle the cleaning and sanitising of your business is to use a professional kitchen and restaurant cleaning services in Sydney.

6 things to clean in a restaurant and café

Front of house areas

The front of house is the first thing customers see.  These include the exterior shopfront, the front entrance and the reception.

Plenty of things need professional restaurant and café cleaning services here.  The front of the restaurant has to be swept and washed cleaned.  The front door and windows must be clean and spotless.  The reception area must be neat and tidy.

Hundreds of pairs of hands touch these surfaces every day.  Germs and bacteria may be present.  They have to be clean and sanitised properly to minimise human to human infection.

Keeping the front of the shop clean and shiny creates a good impression for potential diners.  If your café or restaurant looks inviting, you will also attract walk-ins thereby generating more income for you.

Dining area

It does not matter how good your food tastes, if the place to enjoy them is dirty and grubby.  The eating experience is not going to be a pleasant one for your customer.

Tables and chairs have to be wiped and sanitise daily.  Floors have to be swept or vacuumed to remove debris, dirt and dust brought into your café or restaurant from the soles of shoes and on clothing.  Wall hangings have to be dusted. The walls in the restaurant or café also needs to be wiped down.   If you have carpets you will need it steam cleaned at least once a week to maintain its freshness.   If you use tablecloths, they will have to be sent to a laundromat.

All the tasks of cleaning and maintaining the dining area is best left to a professional cleaning company in Sydney with experience cleaning restaurants and cafes.   The professionals will know what spots to look out for.

The restrooms

Toilets must be cleaned and sanitised properly.  Unisex toilets are notorious for urine spills.  The floors have to be cleaned and disinfected to keep it contamination free.  Wash basins, taps, towel holder, toilet paper holder, mirrors, walls and any other items you put in the restroom all have to be wiped and disinfected.

Cleaning toilets are not the responsibilities of the waiter or the cook so get a professional commercial cleaning company in to handle this task for your restaurant or café.

The kitchens

Kitchens is susceptible to food contamination.  Contamination can come in many forms.  It can be dirty, unhygienic work conditions, careless employee, pest infestation, improper storage of perishables and even rotting food.

Kitchen countertop, walls and floors are grease trap and will require professional cleaning, de-greasing and sanitising daily.    All shelves also have to be wiped and sanitised at the same time.

Kitchen equipment like ovens, stove, microwave, food processor, juicer, fryer, and fridges have to be wiped and sanitised daily.

The shelves where crockery, glassware and cutlery are stored also require the same attention and care.

Keeping the kitchen area clean and hygienic minimises the risk of food contamination in your restaurant or café.  It is also an effective way to ensure that employees do not slip and fall on greasy or sticky floors.

The professional kitchen is hard and tough place to clean so it’s best to leave it in the hands of an expert commercial cleaning company like DryTech Commercial Cleaning.

The food storage rooms

The freezer, the pantry and storeroom also requires regular deep cleaning.  Ensure that you are on top of your inventory management and constantly throw out expired food.

Store perishables in air-tight containers.  Label everything so it is easy to find.  Encourage the kitchen staff to practise good habits by putting things back where they found them.

All spills should be attended to.  Keeping the food storage rooms clean and tidy is compulsory for any restaurant and café.  It ensure the hygiene standards in your business.  A professional kitchen and restaurant cleaning company can help perform all the cleaning tasks you will require.

The rubbish area

The rubbish area in a restaurant or café is usually located at the back of the shop and out of sight of your customers.  Out of sight does not mean out of mind.

On the contrary, this is one of the most dangerous area as it is a breeding ground for vermin, flies and ants.

Ensure that your rubbish is collected regularly by the rubbish collection services.  Bins also have to be sanitised regularly.

Have your commercial cleaner, sweep and wash the floors in the rubbish area regularly.  Don’t forget that the door leading back to the restaurant or café will also require regular wiping and sanitising.

Final words

Restaurant cleaning is a big job in itself! As a business owner you have enough to do running your enterprise, and your staff also have enough on their plates keeping your customers happy.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to look after the cleaning gives you peace of mind knowing that your restaurant or café is maintained to highest hygiene standards.  A clean and shiny restaurant gives out good vibes to diners and staff and is the first step towards making your business a hit.

If you would like more details about our commercial cleaning services for your Sydney café or restaurant, call DryTech Commercial Cleaning.

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