10 things you did not know commercial cleaning companies can do

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Most business operators prefer to hire a professional cleaning company in Sydney to clean their premises.

You know commercial cleaning companies will handle to carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning for your business. They take care of the daily/week cleaning and dusting of the office. They keep the washrooms clean and germ-free.

You may also know that most commercial cleaning companies can clean a variety of businesses as well as residential properties.

What you may not know is that commercial cleaning companies’ repertoire is actually quite extensive and they offer an entire range of services that your business may need one day.

Here are 10 things commercial companies do that your business may not be aware of:

End of lease cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies are the people you turn to if your lease has expired and you are in the process of moving out.

Office moving is a major activity. There are many factors that will need to be synchronise for the move to take place smoothly and effectively. Staff belongings, office equipment, computers, furniture have to be packed and transported. Communication lines have to be disconnected and reconnected. That includes every workstation as well as general offices.

Commercial cleaning companies Sydney play a key role in ensuring that the premises are cleaned after all the major packing and removal activities have taken place.

A professional commercial cleaning company like DryTech will have a comprehensive checklist on what is required in end of lease cleans. An end of lease clean is not a standard weekly clean. It is a more detailed cleaning of the entire premises including inside of cupboards and ceilings.

The next time you need to move consider calling a commercial cleaning company to come in and look after all the cleaning. That way, you and your team can focus on the more important tasks of getting the business running again with minimal delays.

Pre-Occupancy Cleaning

If you own a rental property, you may be well-aware of the time-consuming burden of cleaning your units before a new tenant moves in.

Even if the previous tenants have called in professional cleaners, you will still want to have a cleaning company go through the place and detailed in again before the new tenant moves in. The exterior of business can easily get dirty in next to no time. If there was a lapse between tenants, you will also want the commercial cleaner to go through the interiors.

Renovation cleaning

If your business is undergoing any renovation to its premises you will need the services of a commercial cleaning company in Sydney to help you clean and remove the construction waste generated.

If construction work is major, a commercial cleaning company is required during the construction (not just post-construction). This is to ensure that the functioning parts of the office is as free from dust and rubbish as possible. Keeping it clean is important for employee health and safety.

After a renovation, a professional commercial cleaner can restore the office to a clean and hygienic condition as soon as possible.

Sewer back-up cleaning

Yes, accidents can happen. It’s as easy as a burst pipe. If you are facing a sewage problem in the business premises, a commercial cleaning team will be one of the first people you should contact.

The plumber fixes the problem. The cleaner cleans up. This form of cleaning is specialised. It is deep cleaning with sanitising and odour eradication. It is an imperative step in restoring the business into a clean and healthy workplace.

Water damage cleaning and restoration

Just like a sewage leakage, an office flooding can happen. All it takes is a faulty pipe or an unexpected downpour.

Water damage cleaning and restoration is best left to the professionals. There are specialist commercial cleaning companies that can handle this task. Be sure to check if they can do water damage cleaning and restoration before you confirm their services.

Water damage and cleaning is not regular office cleaning. It needs special equipment and know-how to manage water-logged equipment, furniture, walls and flooring.

Office Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not uncommon in the workplace. In most cases, a commercial cleaning company can assist by helping you clear the rubbish and clean the areas with minimal disruption to the staff.

Event management cleaning

A commercial cleaning company is very effective in cleaning up after a big event. Whether it’s an internal Christmas party or a large-scale PR event like a product launch, the commercial cleaning team will be at the office after the event is over to restore it to excellent working conditions for work the next day.

Some companies also call in the commercial cleaning company prior to the event to prepare the venue. If you are inviting customers then it is wise to ensure that the premises are cleaned before you have the event.

Janitorial services

Commercial cleaners can offer a full range of janitorial services for any kind of business.

Some of the business that use commercial cleaning instead of hiring their own janitors are:

  • Offices
  • Places of worship (churches, mosques, temples and so forth)
  • Schools and early childhood learning centres
  • Universities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Gymnasiums and sports halls
  • Convention halls
  • Sports stadiums
  • Community centres
  • Offices
  • Student accommodation hostels
  • Shopping malls
  • Food courts
  • And many others.

Cleaning maintenance support

Most serviced apartment and condominium management will use the services of a professional commercial cleaning company to support their maintenance department.

A commercial cleaning company can effectively clean common areas like hallways, lifts, underground carparks, foyer, mailroom and the refuse room.

Stain removal and stain protector services

You may or may not be aware that Sydney commercial cleaning companies also provide first-class stain removal and stain protector services for the office furniture and furnishings.

Make a note of this because if there is an ugly spillage on the office carpet, you will know who to call.

Commercial cleaning companies are like your go-to cleaning specialists for all your business needs. Call DryTech Commercial Cleaning today if you need any type of cleaning services for your business.

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