10 amazing ways commercial cleaning can benefit your company

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Now is the time to use a professional cleaning company for your business.  The coronavirus pandemic means employers must be extra vigilant in ensuring the health and safety of their employees.  The best way to do so is to hire a professional cleaning company to clean and sanitise the workplace.

Here are some of the services your business can get from a commercial cleaning company:

1. Regular cleaning and dusting

Not only is a build-up of dust harmful in regards to allergies and the comfort of staff and customers but it’s also a fire hazard. This is especially a concern when dust builds up in areas close to heat such as electricity sources and heaters. Excess dust may lead to a fire spreading more quickly.

Commercial cleaners use a range of equipment and tools (like ladders and long-handled dusters) to remove dust from difficult to reach places like the ceiling and high walls.

One of the main focuses of regular office cleaning is to remove dust that accumulates on desks, behind desks, underneath desks and other furniture. The removal of dust not only helps in the prevention of fires but also maintains a higher air quality.

Removing dust from the offices and shops to improve the air quality and remove cobwebs can make the place safer and healthier for employees and customers.

2. Proper sanitising

It’s known that electronic devices especially those in bad condition are a fire risk. Dust can be found in a computers fans, on mouses and screens. The build-up of dust increases the heat and therefore increases the risk of ignition.

Hard surfaces can easily attract germs, bacteria and viruses.  Regular wiping and disinfecting by a professional cleaning company like DryTech in Sydney will ensure that computers, keyboards and printers are safe for employees to use.

As part of a cleaning service the dusting and wiping of computers should be a regular occurrence not only for reasons such as cleanliness and appearance but also safety.

3. Paper and rubbish removal to minimise fire risk

Paper is highly flammable making it an obvious concern when it comes to fire risk. Paper bins are often tucked away in corners and placed near walls and power outlets. This means if a fire does occur the wastepaper bins may result in the fire spreading more rapidly. A suggestion would be to remove wastepaper from these spot and ensure it is removed and disposed of regularly by your cleaners.

A professional cleaning company can ensure that the office is not cluttered.  Professional cleaners regularly remove rubbish stockpile in hidden spaces like stairwell, fire escape, back entrances and corners to keep the office fire hazard free.  Decluttering regularly can also minimise the risk of workplace falls and trips.

4. Professional stain removal to maintain appearance

If your business deals with customers then maintaining a pristine appearance in common areas are like foyers, lifts, walkways, hallways and reception.  It is easy for customers and staff to trod mud, dust and grime into the carpets.  A commercial cleaning company can help your business keep in top condition to impress customers.

5. Odour remedial services to keep away unpleasant toilet odours

Public and staff bathrooms can easily attract unpleasant odours that can only be effectively removed by commercial ozone dispensing machines.

Regular washroom cleaning and disinfecting will ensure that they stay clean and fresh for staff and customers.

6. Electrical appliances cleaning and sanitising

Commercial cleaning will clean, dust and wipe office appliances like microwaves, dishwashers and fridge.

Regular cleaning of the inside, and areas around the fridge is important to prevent food contamination.

Dishwashers in the office pantry can accumulate soap scums which can be removed by a commercial cleaning company.

7. General sanitising to prevent coronavirus

Regular sanitising and disinfecting is important in the workplace to keep the staff safe and healthy.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney are professional cleaners.  Companies like DryTech Commercial Cleaners have a comprehensive list of cleaning duties that will include sanitising hard surfaces like wash basins, taps, floors and walls.

8. Mould remediation services to prevent respiratory illnesses

If you have mould in the office, you must call a professional commercial cleaning company to treat and remove it.

Mould in carpets or walls can have serious health implications.  Mould growing inside carpets and walls can also cause structural damage to the building.

Commercial cleaners use industry-grade equipment, high-powered vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers to successfully eradicate mould and to restore carpets and walls.

9. Water damage cleaning and remediation

If the office has experienced a catastrophic flooding, a professional cleaner like DryTech is the company to call.

Water damage cleaning and restoration is a specialist service that cannot be handled by every company.  It requires different equipment and specialist technical know-how.  DryTech Commercial Cleaning has more than 20 years’ experience in water damage cleaning and restoration.  Our 24/7 hotline means we can come out to your office or shop immediately to attend the problem.

10. End of lease cleaning

If your business lease has expired and you are in the process of moving, a commercial cleaning company can provide a thorough clean to ensure you can obtain a full refund of your bond deposit.

Commercial cleaning companies have experience handling end of lease cleaning and will usually have a comprehensive checklist that ensures every item in the final inspection is cleaned and restored to its original condition.

What to look for in a commercial cleaning company

Here are some tips to help your business find the best commercial cleaning company for your office, shop or factory.

1. Check their reputation

There are many commercial cleaners in Sydney.  Knowing how to find the best is important for any business because you do not want the inconvenience of finding a replacement for the wrong hire.

To find out about the company’s reputation, check their social media reviews.  Ask for referrals and be sure to ring their references.

2. Check the cleaning contract

Be sure to specify what you want cleaned in the cleaning contract.  Read the contract carefully to ensure that there are no hidden fees or clauses that you were not aware of during the negotiation.

3. Check for cleaning accreditation

A reputable commercial cleaner will have the right cleaning standards.  The most reliable standards is of course the Australian Cleaning Standards.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning is one of Sydney’s best commercial cleaning companies.  For more information about our wide range of services or a free quote call: 02 9161 1621 or email: [email protected]