Why your restaurant or café needs a commercial cleaner

Cafe Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

If you are a restaurant or café owner you will no doubt be aware of the importance of having clean and hygienic premises.

This is more than a desire for a clean place – it is a commercial necessity to reduce all kinds of risks, including food contamination, spread of illness, pest infestations, and loss of reputation.

Some of the areas that require regular cleaning and sanitising include entrances and foyers, customer areas, serveries, restrooms and kitchens. These involve cleaning floors, tables, chairs, counters, shelves, sinks, toilets, door handles and oodles of others!

In this article, we have listed seven reasons why commercial restaurant and kitchen cleaning services by professionals are essential for your food and beverage outlet.

Commercial cleaning companies have the right equipment and expertise to clean restaurants and cafes

Quality commercial cleaners in Sydney have the training, experience and expertise required to do a thorough job, as well as the equipment and cleaning products needed. For example, at DryTech Commercial Cleaning, our cleaners are fully trained and experienced.

We also use environmentally-safe hospital-strength cleaning products and sanitisers, as well as commercial vacuum cleaners that remove minute particles not normally picked up by standard equipment.

Commercial cleaning companies can guarantee regular cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning company for your Sydney restaurant or café also means hiring a regular and reliable service that doesn’t require holidays or days off. Contrast this to trying to do the job yourself or relying on an employee to do so – if the employee is absent, the task will not be done, something you definitely cannot afford to risk!

Commercial cleaning companies like DryTech Commercial cleaning have an entire fleet of vans and a team of staff in their payroll that can come out to your outlet to clean at short notice.  Hiring a commercial cleaning company to take care of the cleaning in your restaurant or café is a smart way to ensure that the premises are clean and safe for customers and staff.

Commercial cleaning companies are professionals

While regular cleaning is required for front of house and restrooms, there are always corners in a cafe or restaurant where crumbs, dust and debris hide, increasing the risk of human to human contamination.

Professional restaurant cleaning services are usually provided by a commercial cleaning company in Sydney.  These companies are professionals and will know where all the sensitive touchpoints in your restaurant or café are.    A professional cleaning company can prepare a cleaning and sanitising programme tailored to your business needs.

Keeping your business clean and hygienic is not only good for business, it can also save you money.  If your staff are not getting sick, they will have more time to work in the restaurant.  Sick leave in the food industry can be difficult to fill.  On busy nights, if staff is away sick, your level of customer service could be affected.

Commercial cleaning can enhance your restaurant’s reputation

No matter how good your service or how brilliant your menu or your café lattes, customers are often very quick to notice any lapse in cleanliness or hygiene. Word also travels fast and negative online reviews for poor hygiene are not something you can afford. A clean and hygienic venue is far more likely to earn your restaurant business a tick of approval from customers.

Some commonly overlooked areas in a restaurant that a commercial cleaning company will clean:

  • Door handles
  • Walls
  • Light and power switches
  • Rugs
  • Wall hangings (including photographs, potted plants)
  • Front door
  • Tile and grout
  • Lights
  • Exhaust fans
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Kitchen pantry cupboards
  • Storeroom
  • Carpark
  • Reception
  • Food display cupboards
  • Fans
  • Stairwell

Commercial cleaning can remove stubborn stains and grease in restaurants

Commercial cleaning companies have the equipment, cleaning products and expertise to remove restaurants’ stains like food stains, wine spills, oils and grease.  Regular cleaning by a commercial cleaning company should include degreasing and stain removal treatments.

Commercial cleaning companies keep your restaurant safe

Regular cleaning of your restaurant and café will remove harmful bacteria and germs that can make your staff and customer sick.

Restaurants are susceptible to food contamination because of the regular handling of perishable products.  The last thing you want is a food poisoning case in your restaurant.

Restaurants and other food handling businesses are governed by the Health & Safety Act to provide a clean and hygienic environment for customers and staff.

Sick customers mean poor reputation and loss of business.  Sick staff means additional costs in hiring replacement staff and increased healthcare insurance premiums and medical bills for staff.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company will free up your time

Restaurant cleaning is a big job in itself! As a business owner you have enough to do running your enterprise, and your staff also have enough on their plates keeping your customers happy.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service means you can go home knowing that cleanliness and hygiene are being properly taken care of, which in turn means having more time to devote yourself to growing your business. It also means that your staff can focus on the jobs they have been trained to do.

When hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business, be sure to engage one that has restaurant cleaning experience.  DryTech Commercial Cleaning cleans restaurants, cafes and pubs across Sydney.  We offer a comprehensive range of restaurant cleaning services including carpet dry and steam cleaning, cleaning and sanitising, kitchen deep cleaning, carpark cleaning, front of shop detailing, rubbish area deep cleaning and many more.

Whether you are a restaurant, a catering business, a café, a pub or a takeaway, you will need professional cleaning to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene levels are maintained according to the law.

For the best commercial cleaning in Sydney CBD and beyond, call DryTech Commercial Cleaning today for a free quote.

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