Steam Clean Carpets or Dry Clean Carpets?  What to use for your business

Steam Clean Carpets using Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Most commercial carpet cleaning companies in Sydney provide both steam cleaning and dry cleaning services but not many of them will give you the best advice on which technique to use for the office.

Both methods are effective but using the right one will ensure better results.  It is important that you have some basic understanding of each technique so you can make an informed decision the next time you book a commercial carpet cleaning company for your business.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Both methods of cleaning your office or shop carpets are effective.  The difference is in the amount of water used.  Both methods will require a pre-vacuum of the carpet.  Pre-vacuuming is an important step as it removes all surface, dirt and grime before the more complex process of extraction and deep cleaning can commence.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

In carpet dry cleaning, after pre-vacuuming, the carpet is treated with a carpet dry cleaning solution – usually an absorbent compound that is sprayed onto the carpet.  The solution contains a small amount of water, an absorbent carrier, detergent and a solvent.  The solution breaks down the oily residue in the carpet which traps dirt in the carpet fibres.  Once the oily residue is removed, trapped soil, dirt and other pollutants can be easily removed.

The next step involves a rotary machine with cotton absorbent pads immersed in hot water to rinse and condition the carpet.  The machine is spun around the carpet at high speed lifting dirt and dust off the carpet fibres and onto the cotton pads.  The pads are changed continuously during the carpet dry cleaning process.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, on the other hand, uses hot water injection to deep clean the carpet.   After pre-vacuuming, a pre-spray is usually applied to the carpet, prior to the carpet steam cleaning process.  Some commercial carpet cleaners may agitate it with a micro-fibre pad.  This is followed by an injection of hot steam using a high-powered hot water extraction machine.

Steam cleaning is like a large vacuum cleaner sucking up deeply ingrained dirt and grime from carpet fibres but with water.  Commercial carpet steam cleaners may use fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the carpet fibres if they are damp.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is walkable instantly as very little water is used in the carpet cleaning process.   The cleaning process is usually faster than carpet steam cleaning.  Because the process uses only a small amount of water, there is no added risk of water damage to the carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning is effective for surface dirt and grime.  It is less effective with stubborn stains or deep soiling.  It also has difficulties removing mould and other ingrained allergens that can exacerbate skin allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a more thorough deep cleaning process because it uses heat to remove trapped dirt, debris and pollutants.

Steam cleaning is also the most effective technique to remove harmful mould, dust mites and bacteria from carpets and furniture.   The use of hot steam in cleaning is effective in removing stubborn stains as well.

Steam cleaning carpets can be a lengthy process, particularly if there is a large space to clean.   The process uses a considerable amount of hot water (in the form of steam or vapour) and can potentially leave carpets damp.  Time is required to dry out carpets and in most cases, you are not encouraged to walk on it immediately after a steam clean.

The risk of water damage to carpet is quite probable when using the steam cleaning method.  It is important that the carpet cleaning company you use, understands about the importance of drying the carpet thoroughly after it has been steam cleaned.  Most carpet steam cleaners will use fans and dehumidifiers to dry the carpet after they have steam cleaned it.  In many instances, the carpet cleaning company may request access into the building after hours or on weekends to minimise work disruption.

Dry Clean or Steam Clean Carpet?

It depends on the item that is to be cleaned (i.e. a carpet? A rug? A piece of furniture? A row of curtains), the area where this item is located and the reason for the professional carpet cleaning.

High-Foot traffic areas

As a general rule, high-foot traffic areas in the office like lifts, hallways, reception areas and foyers will benefit from regular (weekly) carpet dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning is fast and effective and non-disruptive.

The professional carpet cleaning company will usually put signage up to inform visitors and staff that cleaning is in process.  The cleaning can be done in sections without disruption to normal business activities.

Fabric furniture and furnishings

Fabric couches, cushions and curtains will benefit from a deep steam cleaning.  These high touchpoints item attract harmful bacteria and pollutants that can only be effectively removed by heat.

Office or shopfloor carpets

Carpets in your office or shop will look cleaner and brighter with a proper professional steam clean.

To avoid disruption to work, you can arrange to have your carpet steam cleaned after hours or on weekends.

Stubborn stains

If you have carpet or furniture that is stained, a steam cleaning will be more effective in restoring it to its original condition.  Dry cleaning is good for surface dirt and regular maintenance but oil stains, food spills and grease can be better tackled through steam cleaning.

Final Word

Choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning service can ensure you get the maximum results.   Carpets take up a large proportion of your office or shop space.  It is one of the first thing a customer will notice when they walk in so you want to make sure that it looks clean and smells fresh.

To book a carpet steam clean or carpet dry clean for your business call DryTech Commercial Cleaning Sydney.

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