Should you get the office carpets cleaned? 4 tell-tale signs to look out for 

Time to clean the carpets by Commercial Cleaning Sydney by DryTech Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Most companies engage a professional carpet cleaner to clean and maintain the carpets in their premises.

Some small businesses prefer to do their shop cleaning themselves to save money.  If you have a home office or run a small shop, this might work.  But even if you were doing the cleaning yourself, there will still come a time when calling a Sydney carpet cleaner becomes a necessity.  Knowing how to spot the tell-tale signs when a professional is required can help you save money and time.

Before we discuss the signs, we would like to point out all the benefits a professional carpet cleaning can give your business.

Keeps the carpets clean and hygienic

Carpets are made from wool or synthetic material.  Like the clothes we wear, they have to be cleaned.

Vacuuming can only do some of the job.  It is effective for removing surface dust and dirt trekked in from the soles of shoes.  But it cannot remove harmful bacteria, germs or mould.

The latter can only be effectively eradicated by steam cleaning the carpets.  The hot temperatures used in steam cleaning kills bacteria and germs.   A safe carpet is a pre-requisite of a safe working environment.  More staff sick leave only means more expenses for the company.

Keeps the carpets clean and safe

While vacuuming can remove most surface dust and dirt, you will still the carpets to undergo a deep cleanse every so often because debris can easily become ingrained in between carpet fibres.

Keeping the carpets clean in your shop or office can minimise the risk of falls and trips.   Less workplace accidents mean more savings in indirect costs.

Prolongs the carpets shelf life

A carpet that is not cleaned properly may have a lot of debris ingrained into its fibres.  The trapped debris acts like sandpaper to wear down the elasticity of the fibres and over time can cause damage to the carpet.

Replacing the carpet is costly and time consuming. It is better to get it professionally cleaned and maintained instead of letting it wear down to the point you have to replace it.

4 Tell-tale signs to help you know when to call the carpet cleaner

Know when to call the carpet man can help you save money and time.  Here are some clear signs to look out for.

Tell-tale sign 1: The staff are getting sick

If you’ve noticed that the rate of staff taking sick leave for allergies have increased it might be due to the carpet.

Carpets collect a lot of dust, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens, even if you’re vacuuming them regularly. The slightest movement — like sitting on or walking across the carpet — can disturb these allergens and send them into the air, where they can circulate for several hours before settling back down again.  Your staff spends up to eight hours in the office each day.  It’s easy for them to breathe in these harmful substances and become ill from it.

To get rid of some of this build up and alleviate allergy symptoms, get the office carpet steam cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company immediately.

Tell-tale sign 2: The carpet looks dirty and worn

When you look at and walk across your carpet every day, you get used to the way it looks. You might not think your carpet looks bad, but a simple furniture test can let you know how dull or dirty it really is.

Move a piece of furniture or a potted plant that hasn’t been moved in a while, and compare how the carpet underneath looks with carpet elsewhere.

Does it look lighter, fluffier, and cleaner, especially compared to the carpet surrounding it?

Professional cleaning can help get all the dirt out of your carpet and lift it back up again so that it looks new again.  Don’t forget that appearance is very important for a business.  Not only does dirty carpet turns customers away, they do not create a conducive environment for the staff to work in.

Tell-tale sign 3: There are stains

There are some types of stains, including pet stains, coffee stains and ink stains, that you will definitely need a professional’s help to remove. Sometimes soap and water just won’t cut it.  You don’t want to try and use a stronger cleaning product because you can do more damage to the carpet in your office or shop.

In addition to improving the appearance of your carpet, you also protect it from future damage when you have tough spots and stains professionally removed.

Tell-tale sign 4: There is a strange odour

If you notice a strange or unpleasant odour from the carpet in your office, it’s time to call in a Sydney professional carpet cleaner.

Odour can come from anywhere and just about anything!  If a staff has spilled some of his or her lunch on the carpet, the carpet can absorb the spill and over time can start to smell.  Imagine if it was a cheese sauce or a curry!

Odour can also come from debris trekked into the office or shop.  Soils and other pollutants from the streets that stay trapped between carpet fibres will eventually start emitting funny smells.

If you have unpleasant smelling carpets, then call a professional carpet cleaner to come and steam clean and deodorise the carpet.  It’s good for the business and the wellbeing of your staff.

Tell-tale sign 4: You can’t remember when the carpet has been cleaned

If you cannot remember the last time the carpet man has been to your office, it’s time to call the professionals again!

Carpets have to be steam cleaned at least twice a year.  It’s absolutely necessary for health and safety as well as your reputation.

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