Save money with a commercial carpet cleaning

Hiring a commercial cleaner to clean and maintain the carpet in your business will save you money.

Carpet steam or dry cleaning is usually handled by a commercial carpet cleaning company in Sydney.  They are important cleaning procedures that have to be carried out to ensure hygiene, safety and well-being of staff and customers.

Your business can save money if you have a planned carpet cleaning and maintaining programme.  You can easily discuss one with a carpet cleaning company.

Here are some reasons how you can save costs:

A regular carpet cleaning program is cheaper

Most carpet cleaning companies in Sydney will give discounts to a regular client.   If cleaning is required daily or weekly, a cleaning contract with a carpet cleaner can equate to hundreds of dollars saved from your business expenses.

A regular carpet cleaner builds trust

A carpet cleaner who comes regularly to your office will have a good understanding of the floor layout and the people flow throughout the day.

While most carpet cleaning can take place after hours or on weekends, some cleaning may have to occur during working hours.  For example dry cleaning common spaces like lifts and hallways may have to be done midday after a lot of foot traffic has been through the floors and there are visible scuff marks.  In winter months when it is wetter, such cleaning is likely to occur during office hours to ensure that the floors are kept in pristine condition all the time.

If your business require regular carpet cleaning during office hours it is better to have the services of a commercial cleaner who knows your business.

A regular carpet cleaner can support your facility management

Hiring the same carpet cleaner is like having an entire team of cleaners at your disposal without having to pay their wages and employee benefits.

A contracted carpet cleaner comes to do the cleaning at pre-appointed times.  They can be on call for emergency carpet cleaning (for example a leak or accidental spillage).

Having a regular commercial carpet cleaning company in your books frees up your Facility Manager to focus on other important task in the building.

A regular carpet cleaner helps you protect your capital expenditure

Carpets are expensive capital expenditure.  They need more than a once a year cleaning and stay in its best condition the remainder of the year.

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your carpets looking their best and can greatly extend its lifespan. Spot removal and deep cleaning are important, but consistent daily vacuuming of carpets to remove dust, debris and more is a significant part of keeping your carpets looking good.

For instance, daily vacuuming helps carpets last longer by removing the often sharp and jagged dirt that can actually cut, tear and wear at carpet fibres if left to be walked upon and ground further into your carpet.

A regular carpet cleaner helps with your business planning and strategy

Your regular commercial carpet cleaner can do more than steam clean or dry clean the carpet in the office.

Having a commercial carpet cleaner contracted to your business means you can discuss with the company a viable carpet maintenance program to target the heavily trafficked areas in your facility like walkways, hallways, lobby areas, waiting rooms, These high-traffic areas are likely to require maintenance long before the rest of your building’s carpeted areas need cleaning.

Further, standard maintenance in these areas can help you delay carpet cleaning longer and budget for more regular, ongoing carpet maintenance. Intermittent cleaning can utilize the dry carpet cleaning methods like Whittaker’s encapsulation carpet cleaning. A chemical solution is used on the carpet that rapidly dries and crystallizes particles in the carpet making it easy to vacuum up. As an added bonus, because this method is dry, carpets can be quickly used again after cleaning mats and rugs for you so that you do not have to spend cash re-fitting your workplace again.

How often do you need to clean the carpet?

While the dry cleaning method can be effective for intermittent maintenance, every once and a while a deep cleaning with the hot water extraction method can go a long way. As per your carpet’s warranty, we recommend doing this once or twice a year to remove even the most deeply ground in grime and dirt.

This carpet cleaning method utilizes the truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning for the best results everywhere possible in your building. And, for areas that are perhaps not accessible with the truck mounted system, a portable hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine shines.

This method uses a very hot water emulsion that is pushed into your carpets to bring up dirt and other particulates that have taken up residence in the depths of your carpeting to leave your carpet looking brand new.

How often do you need to treat stains and pattern wears?

We’ve talked at lengths about the importance of regular maintenance, but we cannot neglect the other critical factor that affects your carpet’s health: spot removal.

Removing stains quickly and with the right tools and solutions is an important factor in keeping your carpet looking its best.  If you partner with a commercial carpet cleaning company that is knows their business, you can utilize them for periodic carpet stain removal.

These companies are aware of the right practices and stain removers that make all the difference in the end result. Working with a knowledgeable, effective and professional commercial carpet cleaning service will ensure the best outcomes and that your carpet always looks fresh and clean.

DryTech Commercial Cleaning provides comprehensive commercial carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning services.  We are the preferred commercial cleaner to partner with because of our reputation, professional attitude and Australian-accredited cleaning standards.

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