Is ineffective cleaning affecting your school?

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Schools, kindergartens and day care centre has a duty of care to keep their students safe.  Young children have an uncanny ability to transfer illness between one another.   Dozens of poorly washed little hands, fingers in the mouth, nose and eyes.  Little friends sharing food and drink.  It’s no surprise that children pick up illnesses easily in schools.

If your school cleaning service isn’t doing enough to reduce the spread of illness on campus, it might be time to upgrade your school cleaning services.  School cleaning is best handled by a professional cleaning company in Sydney.

School cleaning – the commonly missed areas

Wondering if your school cleaning is doing everything they could to reduce disease in your facility?   Far too many janitorial services and school cleaning services ignore important best practices that contribute to an overall healthier learning environment. Let’s take a look at what some studies into school cleaning says:

  • Shared equipment in schools like computers, desks and table surfaces were almost twice as dirty as the restroom toilet seats.
  • Classrooms in schools had a higher bacterial load than restrooms.
  • Touch points like door handles, desks and railings were the most overlooked items in school cleaning.
  • While most surfaces appeared to be clean visually, tests conducted showed they had an unsafe bacterial and viral load.
  • Gym mats were among the worst offenders as they served as a haven for bacteria brought by dirty mops, sweat, grime and other contaminants.

School touch points and why they must be cleaned

Touch points or hot spots are common things that students and staff touch multiple times.  Examples of touch points include door handles, taps, railing, light switches, walls, lockers, desks, chairs, playground equipment, and even writing implements like pens and rulers.

These high traffic areas have some of the highest bacterial and viral loads in the facility.

Lots of hands touching throughout the day makes them an easy hub for germs to transfer between humans.  A student with a tummy bug who did not wash his hands properly touches a railing and all the other students could be affected.

If your school cleaning company is not taking enough care to clean and disinfect surfaces properly then it is time to call in a professional cleaning company like DryTech Commercial Cleaning, Sydney.

School administrators should not settle for a general clean only.  They must insist that the professional cleaning company responsible for cleaning the school has a proper Cleaning and Sanitising Plan for schools.

How commercial cleaning can help overall student performance in schools

An effective school cleaning plan can make a difference in overall student performance in your school.

Minimising the risk of infection to students with a professional commercial cleaning for schools can reduce sickness and absenteeism.  The less a student has to take time off school for illness, the more chances they have of learning.

Students are not the only ones who benefit from a clean and healthy school environment.  Teachers can also benefit.  Less sick leave from teachers equate to better teaching and student engagement which can positively impact overall student performance at your school.

Effective school cleaning isn’t just about health, it markedly improves the quality of the education that you are providing your students.

Professional cleaning for schools

The school cleaning services you want to contract with are those that understand the science behind effective cleaning. Regardless of if you are looking for green cleaning, K-12 cleaning, university cleaning, private or religious school cleaning, or maybe even campus cleaning, a professional cleaning company will be able to do a superior job.  Here are some reasons how a commercial cleaning company is better:

  • Commercial cleaning companies understand how critical hot spots and touch points are to properly disinfect and sanitize and are aware of common high traffic objects like door handles, shared computers and desks.
  • They have a detailed understanding of the science behind the work that they do and use it to create better cleaning solutions.
  • They have the right equipment and staff to clean a large space like a school. Commercial cleaning companies use industry-grade carpet steam cleaning machines, vacuums, dehumidifiers, fans and others to ensure a more effective deep cleaning of the facility.
  • They are intimately familiar with the cleaning chemicals that they use and are aware of how, when, where and how long (dwell times) to use them for.
  • They keep up with industry innovation and are constantly on the cutting edge of school cleaning rather than just maintaining status quo cleaning practices
  • They have appropriate insurance to cover workplace injuries so your school is not liable if one of the cleaning staff suffers an injury at work.
  • They know how to deal with tough stains that are common in schools.
  • They have Australian accredited cleaning standards. Your school is guaranteed that the cleaning they do will be of high quality.

Companies that work toward the standard of “good enough” are never going to deliver a quality service to you for the price that you are paying. Don’t settle for less than you, your students and your staff are worth.

The Best Partner for the Best Results

Your top priority is providing a safe, healthy and positive learning environment for your students. The first step in doing this is partnering with a school cleaning service that will takes these values just as seriously as you do.

At DryTech Commercial Cleaning, we work with every type of educational environment both large and small.  As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of children’s health and safety in schools.  We do not take shortcuts with our school cleaning tasks.  We use the best equipment and qualified cleaning technicians.

If you would like to learn how we help schools with effective maintenance all while staying on budget, please contact us today.

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