Did you know your office floor could be affecting your bottom-line?

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Most people tend to ignore what’s beneath their feet.  We don’t generally look at the floors in our office so we don’t really see what’s going on under our feet.  Yet, floors are one of the dirtiest parts of the office.

Dirt, dust and debris that we tracked into the office land on the floor.  Everything that is not discarded correctly or spilled accidentally usually ends up on the floor as well.

It may seem to be a minor issue, but the repercussions of having dirty floors can hurt your business in various ways. Let’s look at some of the ways that your business bottom-line can be affected by dirty, grubby floors.

1. Affects employee health

There is a correlation between dirty floors and employee sick leaves. The dirtier the floor, the more the sick days off because your staff could be the first people to suffer from the consequences.  Some common illnesses related to dirty floors in the office include respiratory conditions (for example asthma), allergies, hay fever, and skin rashes.

Dirt and dust particles trapped in the carpet fibres can be agitated as we walk on it.  This causes the particles to be released into the air and eventually breathed in.

A clean and sanitized floor which is free of micro-organism creates a healthy workplace environment which in turn, can result in lesser sick leave and absenteeism.   If more of your staff can come to work, you will save in additional wages for replacement staff and employee medical fees.

The best way to clean your office carpet is to vacuum it daily.  Vacuuming removes surface dust, dirt and waste.  To properly eradicate bacteria and germs from floors, you will need to have them professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis.

If your business does not have cleaners on your payroll, then the best way you can ensure your floors are properly cleaned is to use the services of a professional commercial floor cleaning company in Sydney.

2. Reduces employee productivity

It is more than obvious that unhealthy employees are less productive. They don’t have the energy or the vigour to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

With various health complications affecting your business, you will have to spend your time and resources in managing your sick employees.   Sick employees incur costs.  You will have to channel more funds towards hiring replacement staff and paying higher medical insurance premiums if your employee absenteeism rate increases as a result of illness.

A sick employee can also indirectly affect the productivity of his/her healthy colleagues.  For example, if the sick employee is a member of a project team, repeated illnesses can cause delays and halt projects.  Deadlines that are not met can be costly to your business.

Another way that dirty floors can hurt your business, especially when it comes to productivity, is their contribution to the poor working environment.  No one can concentrate in an environment that has dirty, grimy floors or smelly carpets.  A dirty floor can become a deterrent for staff to report to work.  It can be a distraction for concentration and focus.  It can demotivate employees which can eventually result in higher staff turnover.

Hiring a professional commercial floor cleaning company to clean the office floors regularly creates a cleaner, healthier and more hygienic environment for staff.  It promotes both employee health and wellbeing.

3. Increases the risk of workplace accidents and falls

If your office floors are not cleaned properly it can become a safety hazard for your staff.  For example, a greasy kitchen floor in a restaurant can increase the risks of slips and falls.

Less workplace accidents equates to less cost for your business.  If the nature of your business results in dirtier floors (for example, a garage, workshop, factory or bakery) then you may want to consider a professional commercial floor cleaning company to help prevent workplace accidents and falls.

4. Damages Your Brand Image

As a business, you have a brand that you should protect. Unfortunately, it only takes a small matter such as cleanliness to ruin your image and reputation. Keep in mind that your employees are not the only people who suffer the consequences of dirty floors.

Other people such as suppliers, customers, and even potential business partners come into the premises on a regular basis. Imagine if you were running a café.  No customer is going to want to dine at your place if you have dirty, greasy floors.  If you were a hairdresser, potential customers will be turned away if they see a floor streaked with dyes and human hair.   If you were a clinic, customers will be put off if your floors are stained and dirty.

First impressions are important to customers.  You can achieve this by hiring a commercial floor cleaning company in Sydney to clean, shine and polish the floors in your shop or business.

5. Incurs repairs and replacement costs

A dirty floor has a shorter lifespan, regardless of what material it is made of. The accumulation of dirt and other unwanted material on the floor can discolour, corrode or cause structural damage.

Some debris may contain acid or chemicals that can damage floor, especially when untreated for an extended period. Repairing and replacing damaged floors will cost your business a significant amount of cash outflow that will affect your bottom-line performance.

Additional costs can be easily avoided if you use a professional commercial floor cleaning company to clean and maintain your floors.

6. Commercial floor cleaning Sydney

Want to improve your bottom-line?  Try using a commercial floor cleaning service in Sydney.  Professionally cleaning your floors will create a cleaner, healthier and more hygienic work environment for your staff, suppliers and customers.

Commercial floor cleaning is more than just getting rid of dirt and dust.  The process includes sanitising floors (to remove any harmful germs and bacteria), deodorising the floors (so they smell fresh) and removing stubborn unsightly stains.

Commercial floor cleaners combine their special skills and the right cleaning products to ensure that the job is done to perfection. They make the floors sparkle so everyone can enjoy being in such spaces, and in turn, your business will start to enjoy the benefits of having clean floors.

For expert commercial floor cleaning services, call DryTech Commercial Cleaning today.

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