Commercial cleaning vs domestic cleaning 

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Hiring the right specialist for your cleaning needs maximises the outcomes. It will save you time and money in the long run.

To help you decide on whether to engage a commercial cleaning or a domestic maid service company, we look at the differences between a commercial cleaning company and a domestic cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning vs domestic cleaning

Cleaning a business is not the same as cleaning a home.  However, there are some key differences between how a business is cleaned and how you might clean your home.

Cleaning spaces

One of the biggest differences is the amount of space to be cleaned. Cleaning a three-bedroom house differs a lot from cleaning a large office or factory.

Cleaning duties

Cleaning domestic properties and commercial properties have some similarities because some of the rooms / spaces to be cleaned may be the same.  For example, both will have toilets, floors and kitchens to clean.  They will also have walls, doors, furniture and fixings to wipe and disinfect.

The difference is that a commercial property will have far more for the company to do.  For example there may be several toilets to be cleaned in your office.  There may be a big staff cafeteria to clean.  A commercial space will also have more surfaces to be dusted, wiped and disinfect.  Think of computer workstations, walls, doors, lifts, hallways, meeting rooms and you will get the picture.

Rubbish collection

Both domestic and commercial cleaners empty the rubbish for their clients.  In the case of domestic cleaning, it is mainly household rubbish and recycling.  In the case of commercial cleaning, it could be vast amount of organic rubbish (as is the case for a restaurant), as well as equipment (like broken computers, keyboards, old appliances).

Staff and training

Most domestic cleaning companies in Sydney hire individuals as their part-time or contract staff.  The company is in charge of marketing and promotion, administration and customer service. Jobs are assigned to their cleaners who provide their own equipment and products.

Commercial cleaners in Sydney, on the other hand, usually have cleaners in their employment.  The cleaning team are usually contracted staff but they use the equipment and products provided by the company.

Staff in a domestic cleaning company are trained to clean domestic properties.  While most of the cleaning duties they do may be similar to commercial cleaning staff, you must understand that their focus and training is in cleaning a home.

Commercial cleaners on the other hand must be trained in commercial and industrial cleaning because most commercial cleaning companies in Sydney will have an Australian accreditation and part of their QA standards is to hire trained staff.

The training from cleaning a commercial property is different from that of a private home.  For instance, there is more focus on deep clean and disinfection because the workplace is an area where many people gather and work.  The close proximity becomes a risk for human to human infection.

Equipment and products used

In most cases, the household will have vacuums, brooms and mops that the cleaners can use.   The company receives a commission for the marketing and administration support.  They do not provide equipment and products.

Commercial cleaning is likely to use heavier, industrial-grade equipment and industry cleaning standards for their clean. Cleaning methods are developed to make the job more efficient and effective so the cleaning team do not disrupt the workplace.

Sydney commercial cleaning companies are more likely to be equipped with the capabilities to clean your commercial property.

Types of Commercial Cleaning

There are various tasks commercial cleaners to help businesses stay clean. Many commercial cleaning companies offer their services based on the type of business, such as hotel cleaning or office cleaning.   While most tasks are quite standard like vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, rubbish collection, cleaning toilets, kitchens and wiping equipment and desks and chairs, some duties may be additional to your business only.  The nature of your business means there may unique tasks that is specific to you that other clients may not require.

For example, a hotel will require more wiping and disinfecting of surfaces and spot removal because the hotel must present a pristine appearance to impress guests.  A restaurant may require de-greasing in the kitchen benches and floors because of the amount of grease, oil and food splatters.

Whatever the tasks you can trust a commercial cleaning company to get it done for your professionally.

Specialist commercial cleaning services

Most commercial cleaning companies in Sydney provide a full range of daily/weekly/monthly cleaning tasks.

But sometimes, the nature of the clean-up may require a more experienced company.  A good example, is water-damage cleaning and restoration.  If an unfortunate flooding has occurred, and flooring and furniture in your shop has been damaged, you will need a cleaning company that knows how to deal with water damage cleaning and restoration.  DryTech Commercial Cleaning Sydney is one of the few commercial cleaning companies that have the expertise for this type of cleaning and restoration work.   Water damage cleaning and restoration require industry-grade steam cleaning equipment as well as high-powered fans and dehumidifiers to dry the floors.  You want a company that knows what they are doing to minimise the risk of floors not being cleaned or dried properly because this can result in mould growth which is harmful to health and can damage the flooring.

Other instances where you may require the services of a more experienced commercial cleaning company is when you have sewage spillage.  Sewage spillage is unsightly and unpleasant.  If your business suffered this catastrophic event, call a specialist commercial cleaner in Sydney like the team from DryTech Commercial Cleaning.   They have the right equipment and know-how to effectively remove all spilled debris, odours and stains from the areas.

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