5 common mistakes businesses make when hiring a commercial cleaning company

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Being the busy person you are, finding time to clean your office every day can sometimes be challenging. Because you want to work in a clean and well-organized environment, hiring an office cleaning company, is a smart option to have your office thoroughly cleaned.

There are so many commercial cleaning companies in Sydney today, that it has become hard for a business to find the best commercial cleaner in Sydney.  While trying to get the best commercial cleaner, some business owners make the mistake of not having enough information at hand to make an informed decision on the right company to use.  The result can have far-reaching consequences for your business.

In this article, we highlight the top 5 mistakes, businesses in Sydney make when hiring a commercial cleaner.

Mistake Number 1: Paying too much attention to cost

It is okay to find office cleaning services that are within your budget, but at the same time, you should not focus too much on the price. Often, business owners sacrifice quality by deciding to go cheap.

Sydney is full of not so reputable cleaning companies that will not do a good job with the cleaning.  There are many owner operators who do not have the staff, technical knowledge or equipment to clean commercial properties.   Many of them try to undercut other commercial cleaners by offering huge discounts or freebies.  Most of the time, they don’t do a good job.  Sometimes, they create problems by damaging property.   The savings at the start become a headache in the end.

Solution: Look for the best price not the cheapest price

When shopping for office cleaners obtain quotes from various companies, and compare the specific services each one offers.  If you have the time, create a checklist of the cleaning tasks you would like to have and compare your list with what they are quoting.  This will give you an idea on how to choose the best price for what your business needs.  It may not be the cheapest but it will be company you know who will do most (if not all) of the tasks you want.

Mistake Number 2: Failing to check references

Reputable corporate cleaning companies in Sydney should provide you with a list of references most of whom are previous customers. References are proof of reliability, quality, and experience of the cleaning company you intend to hire. No matter the kind of services you are hiring for, references can provide you with unknown details about your potential office cleaner.

Solution: Always ask and check references

If you are shortlisting a commercial cleaner, always ask for references and make sure you follow this up by checking with their referees.  You may also go to the company’s website and see if they have any testimonials. Customer reviews can also provide handy information about the company.

Mistake Number 3: Not checking licenses and accreditation

Commercial cleaning in Sydney is governed by industry standards.  They must also be properly licensed as a business.  There are many disreputable companies that will run their cleaning business illegally and without the proper checks and balances.   Do not become victim to one of them.

When looking for a commercial cleaner in Sydney, always make sure you have checked that they are licensed and accredited. Make sure you choose one that has Australian cleaning standards rather than a foreign QA.  The quality standard in Australia is one of the best in the world, so you know you are going to get superior quality service for your investment.

Solution: Check their license and accreditation

Check that the company is licensed and accredited.  Australian Accreditation.  For instance, DryTech Commercial Cleaners have Australian Standards (Number 3733-1995) which they display on their website.

Australian cleaning standards are important because it is proof that the commercial cleaner are carrying out their cleaning according to quality standards set by our government.

Mistake Number 4: Hiring a company without liability insurance coverage

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is hiring a commercial cleaner without insurance. If you hire an uninsured cleaning service, you will be held responsible for any medical costs incur in a workplace accident while the cleaning crew works on your property. Your insurance plan may also be sued for pain and suffering as well as loss of income.  Your business will have to hire legal representation to help you fight the case.  The time and money spent dealing with this problem is something your business does not need.

Also an uninsured cleaning company will not pay for any damaged or broken items or any other harm that their services may cause. To avoid these problems, ensure that the cleaning company you intend to hire is fully insured.

Solution: Ask for their Insurer

When shortlisting your commercial cleaner, make sure you ask for their insurance company.   You may also want to discuss a surety bond particularly if you have expensive equipment or supplies in the office that could be damaged during the cleaning.  Don’t forget that commercial cleaning usually takes place after hours when you are not in the office to supervise the work.

Mistake Number 4: Failing to read the Commercial Cleaning Contract

Terms and conditions agreed upon must be represented in the cleaning contract.   If you did not read the contract you may find yourself incurring massive losses because your company was not properly indemnify.  A contract is legal and binding document.  Once signed, it becomes difficult to re-negotiate new terms so always, read carefully before you sign.

Solution: Read before you sign

Before signing any cleaning contract, see to it that you have read and understood it. Ensure that the specific cleaning services you agreed to are outlined in the contract. It is also crucial to find out if there are any clauses related to accidental damages of your property; you want to be sure the company will pay you for any damages they may cause.

Mistake Number 5: Ignoring the commercial cleaning company’s specialisation

It may seem like an unimportant point but knowing what the commercial cleaning company can specialise in is very important.

For example, if your business deals with industrial waste, you will want to hire a company that can properly handle these materials.  If you get a regular commercial cleaner, they will not be cleaning and sanitising to industry standards and these mistakes have expensive consequences.

Solution:  Ensure you are hiring the right specialist

Most commercial cleaners have specialisations so make sure you choose the right one for your business.   Check with the company to find out what other businesses they have cleaned for.  If they have been cleaning in similar industries, you know they will have the experience to clean your business as well.

Now that you know the common mistakes businesses make when choosing a commercial cleaner, you will not want to make these mistakes for your business.   Call DryTech Commercial Cleaning and see if we are a good fit for your business.

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