12 clever ways how commercial cleaning can improve your business shopfront appeal

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Why is curb appeal important for your store? An enormous 95% of customers say that the external appearance of a store is one of the main influences on their decision on where to shop.

Small Business Curb Appeal Ideas

A clean and tidy shop is more appealing than a dirty and untidy shop.

Most business owners employ professional cleaners to keep their business premises looking clean and sparkling.   Keeping your business premise clean makes it safe and healthy for your staff and customers.

But in order for your business to attract customers, you will need to be able to attract them inside.  By keeping your exterior clean, you are increasing the chances of being visible to passer-by and potential customers.

Here are 15 clever ways to increase your business curb appeal.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 1

Keep the ‘Welcome’ Mat Clean

Nothing says ‘Welcome’ more than a Welcome Mat. A tiny, affordable change that makes every customer feel super welcome.  But it’s not going to work if the mat is dirty and grubby.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 2

Refresh your Signage

Peeling paint and faded colours say to customers ‘no one cares about this store, so why should you? Invest in a new sign and change that impression.  When you have installed your sign, make sure you also invest in a commercial cleaner to maintain its condition.  A dirty, dusty signage is unattractive and will not attract customers into your store.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 3

Clean the exterior walls and ceilings

Whether your business is based in an office block or a shop, you will need to ensure that the walls on the outside are clean and smudge-free.  Commercial cleaning companies will include regular dusting and washing of exterior walls as part of their weekly cleaning tasks.   Commercial cleaning companies have the right tools and equipment to clean high walls and ceilings.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 4

Inject Colour

What better way to make your store stand out from the others from the street? Make your storefront vibrant, colorful and memorable to attract customers.  Even new paintwork will require regular cleaning and maintenance so if you’ve painted a door, wall or the window frames be sure to also have these cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 5

Clean your pavement and footpaths

Keep your pavement and surrounding areas super clean with the help of a commercial cleaning company.

A sparkling clean shopfront is a customer magnet. It will instantly draw people into your business.

For example, if you are in the food and beverage business, a clean pavement and footpath intrinsically tells the customer that the place has good hygiene standards.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 6

Keep glass doors and display windows clean

A shopper wants to be able to look at your display window properly so make sure the business has a good commercial cleaner to keep your windows dust and streak free.

Window cleaning and polishing is a tough task best left to the professionals.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 7

Keep window display area clean

A constantly evolving window display is far more attractive and interesting than one that stays the same all the time.  Done right, a window display can entice customers into your store.

Window displays can also keep regular passers-by interested in your store, eager to see what the display will be next. But an often overlooked area to clean is the floors and walls surrounding the display.  So don’t forget to ask your commercial cleaners to give the display items and its surrounding areas a good dusting and wiping.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 8

Keep the interiors neat and tidy

If you have a retail store with glass windows, a customer will be able to look straight in.  There is nothing more repulsive than a dirty, untidy shop.  The customer will not want to go in.

On the other hand, if the customer looks into the window and see a clean and tidy store inside they may be tempted to go in and explore.  The same applies for any type of business.

Cleaning a business is not to be taken lightly. Instead of trying to do it yourself, consider engaging the services of a professional commercial cleaning company to do it properly for you.  Commercial cleaning business is a competitive business in Sydney and you will be surprised how affordable a commercial cleaning contract can be.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 9

Keep your floors clean

An often overlooked item in cleaning is the floor.  If you have carpets, make sure you have it dry clean or steam clean regularly.  If you have hard surface floors, have them properly cleaned and polish regularly.

No customer wants to walk on dirty, sticky floors so keeping your floors spic and span is important for your overall business look and feel.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 10

Put away the trash

Rubbish is unsightly.  Put your trash cans at the back of the shop.  If your business generates a lot of organic waste, hire a skip bin company to remove the waste regularly.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 11

Maintain your carpark areas clean

If you provide customers with car parks then be sure to have it professionally clean on a regular basis.

The floors of an underground carpark can easily become dirty from use.  Oil streaks and standard wear and tear of surfaces can be managed by a professional commercial cleaning company.

Try avoiding using the carpark as a quasi-rubbish tip for broken equipment and furniture.  Skip bin your office waste instead and keep the carpark for what it is intended to do.

Business Shopfront Appeal Idea # 12

Declutter your reception area

Whether you are a retailer, a food and beverage outlet or an office, you will want to have a reception area that is free of clutter and general mess.

The reception is the main area to receive visitors and to create a good first impression.

Commercially cleaning your business premise exterior can dramatically improve your visibility and appeal. A good clean exterior leaves a good impression and improves the customer experience which can translate into increase sales.

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